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Learn to code by playing and having fun

You're a wrestler who punches with JavaScript. Program your own wrestler and beat other player's codes in real-time matches.

Learning to code has never been this easy and fun.

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Animated Smackdown character

Challenge others with your code

Take the wrestler with your code to a ring and challenge other players to a fight.

Getting beaten up? Modify your code to get your punches through and knockout your opponents.


Aaltoes Unlimited Feat. Supercell track winner at Junction 2015 hackathon.

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Coolest JCDecaux Hack award winner at Junction 2015 hackathon.

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Slush Hacks

Main prize (20 000 €) winner at Slush Hacks competition!

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Start with visual editor

As an amateur wrestler, start fast and easy with Scratch-like visual programming editor. Watch and learn how the visual code translates into JavaScript, and see how the code competes against the others.

Visual programming

Continue with JavaScript

As a professional wrestler you can build advanced artificial intelligence with JavaScript, and make the wrestler to dominate all the other players!

  • Henrietta
  • Placeholder
  • Charlotta
  • Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen
    Founder of Mehackit

    "Really cool social game where you can invite friends and learn coding together."

  • Timo Herttua
    Coach at Rails Girls

    "A refreshing and fun take on using visual draggable code blocks to learn coding!"

  • Charlotta Liukas
    Founder of Mehackit

    "Seeing the actual code while working on the graphical programming interface makes it easier to transition to real programming languages."

Team Smackdown


Tuomas Husu


Kimmo Koivisto


Jaakko Nygrén


Timo Lehto